Industry Transformation Agenda

Industry Transformation Agenda

At a time of extraordinary growth and unprecedented opportunity our industry has agreed it is time to move beyond piecemeal, fragmented and incremental innovation.

It is time to work together on a strategy to progress the biggest issues and opportunities we face – issues such as the skills shortages, boom and bust cycles and procurement issues – to create a better built environment for New Zealand.

The Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA) outlines a practical approach for transforming our building and construction industry.

Addressing the challenges

Our industry is at the heart of New Zealand’s economy. It generates 13% of GDP and employs 232,000 people. The assets and buildings we build directly affect the quality of life of all New Zealanders. Addressing the challenges we face will benefit everyone – companies, the sector, users and ultimately all New Zealanders. For example, 30% of greenhouse gases are attributable to buildings – imagine the impact if we could make buildings even more efficient.

As an industry we are taking responsibility for the things we can change. Be part of our transformation.

Get involved. Get more information.

Upcoming events

Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer
6 March 2018
11:00am - 12.30pm
Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium

We’re delighted to have secured time with UK transformation leader, Mark Farmer, while he is in New Zealand in March, for our industry transformation folk. Mark’s visit to New Zealand is funded by the ITA in partnership with PrefabNZ.

Need for change

Mark is the author of the October 2016 UK Government Review on the need for change in UK construction: Modernise or Die: time to decide the industry’s future.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the construction and real estate sectors, Mark is a recognised international commentator and thought leader on a variety of industry issues. He is a member of the RiCS, Vice Chair of ULI UK Residential Council, co-Chair of Constructing Excellence, and Founding Director of Cast Consultancy.

A new construction industry

The ITA team is discussing with Mark the particular focus of his address on 6 March. The recent collapse of the construction giant Carillion in the UK has sent shock waves around the construction industry world. Mark’s insights on this collapse present a unique opportunity to discuss a live issue that resonates powerfully for change across the sector, not only globally but right here, right now, in New Zealand.

“The story of Carillion’s downfall will echo around the entire industry for some time to come, shaking the standard delivery method to its very core. But out of the rubble, a new, modern and robust construction industry should emerge: one where joined-up thinking takes precedence over adversarial behaviours and pricing, and where the quality and longevity of the built asset – the home, the office or the school – is the priority of the entire industry. Without changing, we will continue into inexorable decline”.

More information soon.

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