Background on the Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA)

The Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA) was initiated by BRANZ in early 2017 and is a framework to bring about ambitious and meaningful change to New Zealand’s building and construction sector through real collaboration between all industry players.

It is based on the work of the World Economic Forum, which developed a global transformation agenda World Economic Forum for the construction sector.

Initial work has been led by BRANZ CEO Chelydra Percy together with Matt Crockett (Fletcher Buildings), David Kelly (Registered Master Builders Association), Connal Townsend (Property Council New Zealand) and Warwick Quinn (BCITO).
Build Magazine article
Build Magazine article (issue 162, page 8)

This group tested its early ideas with industry via a survey and workshop. In August 2017, the ITA concept and framework was then presented to Constructive 2017, the New Zealand construction forum attended by 220 industry participants. An overwhelming mandate was obtained to proceed with the ITA.

ITA goals

The ambition of the ITA is for the building and construction industry to work collectively to solve complex issues - such as skills shortages, boom and bust cycles and procurement issues - to enable a better built environment for New Zealanders.

It calls for long-term commitment but the industry is not starting from scratch. Some innovative developments are underway that have informed the ITA framework. A core focus of the programme will be gathering data on solutions that already exist to share them across the industry.

The ITA has three streams of work:

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